PVC Door


We offer the extensive range of artistic PVC Doors to beautify the decor of the living and working area. These doors are available in broad range of eye-catching colors and designs to match your unique requirement. We are dealer as well as retailer of PVC doors.

The main usage of PVC doors are for bathroom or inside your house. Bathrooms are usually humid rooms in the home. These door can’t be used outside the house because of it contains plastic and plastic gets bend when it gets in touch with sun-light.

Benefits of PVC Doors:

  • Durability:
    • PVC doors are moisture-resistant and rust proof. As compared to steel and wood doors, these doors have long life.
  • Easy to maintain:
    • As compared to wood and steel doors, PVC doors are easy to maintain. These doors only needs to be cleaned by soft cloth.
  • Light Weight:
    • PVC doors are easy to install as they are lightweight. Easy to lift and transport. Weight of these doors are very light as compared to laminated doors.
  • Price:
    • PVC doors has low maintenance so your maintenance cost will be saved.
  • Waterproof:
    • PVC doors are water resistant.

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